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Downtown Kansas City Condos, Lofts, High-rises, and Homes

People from all walks of life are migrating to the downtown lofts, condos, and homes in Downtown Kansas City.

Take Justin LaBerge. He made a beeline to Downtown Kansas City when he had completed a master’s at the University of Kansas. The Portland, Maine, native had known since he was a youngster that he wanted to live in an urban environment. “Ever since I was little, I wanted to live in a downtown loft,” LaBerge said. He finally realized his dream and moved into a loft at Ninth and Walnut,  just blocks from his work.  This means no more driving to work and he walks to many of the places he likes to frequent.

Another urbanite, Orlando Lacy, relates that after years of living in suburbs near Memphis, he would accept only downtown living when he moved to Kansas City. “Really, I wanted to get in on the front of what I thought was going to be a really cool boom,” Lacy said. “When I hunted for a  house, I only wanted to live Downtown. I didn’t want to live in the suburbs at all.” So he moved into a condo at Ninth and Walnut Streets.

Doug Adams and his wife, Julie, bought a place at 11th and Walnut Streets. They had lived near the Country Club Plaza and knew they would prefer to live in an urban environment close to where Doug works. “Now on the weekends, instead of cutting the grass and doing chores around the house, we enjoy the city,” he said. “It seems like we have a lot more free time on our hands to enjoy our surroundings.”

Excerpted from the Kansas City Business Journal, 12/05/08

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1819 Lofts in the Crossroads District of Downtown Kansas City

1819 Lofts in the Crossroads District of Downtown Kansas CityNo, this condo loft building in Downtown Kansas City was not built in 1819.  And, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the stock market Panic of 1819.  It has to do with the address – these lofts are located at 1819 Baltimore. The building was constructed in 1940 for KC White Goods, a linen and uniform manufacturer. (Speaking of linen, did you know that Alexander Brown, a Protestant immigrant from Ireland, came to the Kansas City in 1800 and set up a linen business with his sons? Just a bit of trivia.)

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Battery Lofts in Downtown Kansas City Next Door to Coffee Shop

Battery Lofts next to Filling Station Coffee Shop in Downtown Kansas City Residents at Battery Lofts in Downtown Kansas City love their coffee shop, the Filling Station. In fact, it is rumored that one person takes a shortcut through his window rather than walking all the way around. Don’t know whether it is the excellent coffee or all the diverse, friendly folks who tend to gather here.

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Western Auto Lofts in Downtown Kansas City have Unique Shape

Western Auto Lofts in Downtown Kansas CityWestern Auto Lofts are located in Downtown Kansas City. This unique building is noted for its rounded, three-sided facade and pie-shaped lot. The Western Auto Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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